Video Publication and Promotion

Promotion PageWhen your video is completed, we still need to get it in front of your target prospects. That means it must be posted online in one or more places where it’s easily accessible; and targeted traffic must be pulled and/or pushed to it. More is better. Using multiple pull and push tactics will ensure the video is seen by as many people as possible. Pull tactics include SEO, SEM and mentions in social media. Push tactics include email campaigns and insertion in blog posts and on landing pages.


There are a number of video streaming platforms. Each has a slightly different set of functionality, positive and negative aspects, and pricing ranging from free to a hundred dollars a month or more.

YouTube is the one we all know. It’s free and easy to post there, and you should (maybe). Be mindful of the search engine facet of YouTube. When people are viewing your video they will see similar videos listed. There’s a chance they will click away and may end up pursuing a competitor’s solution.

Vimeo is primarily used by video producers like acSellerant Studios. The costs are low and the quality is high. Marketing analytics, though, are not as robust as on some of the other sites like Brightcove, Vidyard and Wistia. Analytics track things like open rates, whether a video was watched to conclusion or not, where people were bored and fast forwarded, where they clicked away, etc. The bottom line is to assess your needs (and budget) and select the streaming platform that best suits you.


The most engaging and effective video on the planet won’t generate any business for you if no one knows it exists. You must have a plan as to how you are going to drive targeted traffic (those people who need and are in a position to buy your solution) to your video.

Each video should have a mini-marketing campaign wherein you notify targeted prospects of the video and why it would be to their advantage to watch it. We can help you with an email campaign, landing pages, blog posts, social media campaigns, etc. All our videos include a call to action. We can insert a registration form on the landing page where your video resides. Or you can handle these things on your own. Whether we do it with you, you do it yourself, or you hire a third party… it MUST be done. Otherwise, all is for naught.