acSellerant Studios Video Production Pricing


This is a $5,000 video.

These prices apply to both animated and live camera shoot videos. These prices include all activities required to produce and deliver (to you, our client) an effective, playable marketing video. Prices may vary for specific, uncommon reasons, but typically will be as follows:

  • Minimum of $3,000 for a one minute or less video.
  • Two minute video is $5,000 – pro-rating the second minute at $2,000 (i.e. a 1½ minute video would be $4,000).
  • Three minute video is $6,000 – pro-rating the third minute at $1,000 (i.e. 2½ minute video would be $5,500).

These prices do not include Voice of the Customer Research (a valuable, but optional service). And they do not include publication and promotional services. We don’t bundle those services with our videos because some clients prefer to do them in-house or with third parties. Prices for publication and promotional services are calculated on a project basis.