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We start with your “Why?” Why did you start your business, create your product or service? What problem are you solving? Then we tell the story from your prospects’ perspective, from their context, so they recognize themselves and relate to the story. It’s meaningful to them so they’re interested.They view the video to the end because they want to know what happens.

“Good salespeople tell stories that inform prospects; great salespeople tell stories that persuade prospects.” – Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power

Stories relax a buyer’s skepticism while activating the part of their brain where trust is formed and connections are forged. Neuroscientists have determined that people don’t make decisions based solely on logic; in fact, emotions play the dominant role in most decision-making processes… even business decisions.

The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor, but business (long the realm of numbers, analysis and cold, hard facts) has shied away from storytelling. Imagine you’re trying to communicate the resilience of a high-priced data storage array designed to protect critical information. You could list all of the stats about the machine’s durability, or you might tell the story (if true) of how the array survived an earthquake even though the building collapsed around it. When the array was powered up, the critical information was safe and accessible. Which is more compelling – stats or story?

We always include these classic story elements in our videos:

The Protagonist

This is the hero of your story. It’s your client who has a business problem and must go on a journey to solve it. Before you can thrust your customer into the hero’s role, we show who they are, what their background is, and what’s bugging them (the problem). It’s important that your audience identify with the protagonist and their situation.

The Obstacle

Every great story has an obstacle that must be overcome. In the movies, it’s usually a person or a disaster of some kind (a fire, a flood, a comet hurtling toward earth). In your story, it’s a business issue or situation. If your hero is the CFO of a bank, for instance, the obstacle might be new federal regulations she must comply with.

The Resolution

This is our opportunity to show the value and multiple benefits of your solution. To use our bank CFO example – deploying your solution not only ensures compliance, but company officers sleep better (knowing they won’t be hauled off to jail), IT personnel are freed from manual processes (and therefore are more productive), and investors are assured the bank will avoid fines and penalties.

Finding Your Story

How do you create a story when none exists? Case studies are effective sales tools and they’re already in story format. What happens, though, when you want to tell your prospects about your complex product or service, but you don’t have a case study? We work with you to develop an authentic story that showcases your solution’s value.

Stories sell!