At acSellerant Studios we put special emphasis on pre-production because we’ve learned that there’s no better way to ensure an effective marketing vehicle produced at the lowest possible cost. Pre-production is where we develop what the video will be about, who (exactly) it’s for, what the objective is, and how (exactly) we’re going to produce it. It’s MUCH easier, faster and cheaper to make changes on paper before the video is produced, than to have to make changes to the final product afterwards.

Pre-Production Process

Voice of Your Customer Research

This is an optional service that we provide when a deeper understanding of the Voice of Your Customer is desired. Big corporations have marketing people on staff who do nothing but discover and document the Voices of Their Customers. Why? Because CUSTOMERS SELL! They are seen as trustworthy, not biased. And customers talk about business results – not product features.

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Marketing Strategy

PreProductionAs with any marketing effort, producing an online video should be aligned with a well thought-through marketing strategy. Let’s start with the core question. Why are you considering video?


We start with your “Why?” Why did you start your business, create your product or service? What problem are you solving? Then we tell the story from your prospects’ perspective, from their context, so they recognize themselves and relate to the story. It’s meaningful to them so they’re interested.They view the video to the end because they want to know what happens.

“Good salespeople tell stories that inform prospects; great salespeople tell stories that persuade prospects.” – Gerhard Gschwandtner, publisher of Selling Power

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Writing a compelling video marketing script is hard work and takes a lot of practice (or experienced help). However, the hard work is worth the effort. Marketing videos with a well planned out and concise message produce outstanding marketing results.

Once the story has been written in the traditional way… in text, we must translate that text into the sights and sounds that comprise a camera shoot or animated video. A video script is a blueprint. Its purpose is to communicate to everyone involved in the production exactly what’s to be done and how. Visual scriptwriting is a different skill from business, fiction or journalistic writing. It’s an art and a science and it takes a lot of time and effort to learn.

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At its core, a storyboard is simply a static, visual representation of what the final video will look like. A storyboard should accomplish a few key things.  Read more about crafting a Video Storyboard.