Video Post-Production

Post-Production Page

After the scenes have been shot or animated, and all the motion graphics, product demos, static images and kinetic typography have been produced, we need to stitch them all together into a coherent business story video.


Video production editing can be a daunting task – especially if not properly organized. Since we’ve done all the prepatory work of concepting, scripting and storyboarding… we have in large part created a chronologically correct sequence of scenes (whether animated or live).  Even so, video editing requires significant skill, patience, and creativity.

Layers of video (talking heads, B-roll, stock footage, repurposed footage), still shots, motion graphics, dialogue, voice-over narration, titles, music, etc. must be intertwined and assembled into a coherent whole. Pacing, cuts between scenes, audio dubbing, time synching and many other aspects must be accomplished seamlessly. Video editing is truly an art and a science. Quality, professional editing will make the video a pleasure to watch. Amateurish editing will result in a video that people click away from.


Music, if used correctly, will always improve the experience of viewing your video. Music sets the tone, acts as backdrop and fills in segments of silence. There are two approaches to acquiring production music. One is to have an original track scored to your video. A custom track is made to fit your specific story. For budgetary reasons, this seldom occurs in the production of business videos. The second choice is to select tracks from stock music libraries. These music tracks are rights-cleared and packaged for use in video productions. We select snippets of music that underscore the actions and emotions being shown on the screen.

Sound Effects

Sound effects, used judiciously, can add significantly to the viewer experience. Appropriate noises fill in the sound landscape and increase viewer engagement. We have access to large databases holding thousands of pre-recorded sound effects.