Services PageOur process begins with a review of your marketing messaging. We help you to make it as effective as possible. Then we translate those messages into visual stories that can be used on “back of the napkin” sales conversations, and as a starting point for video sales tools.

Our video production process delivers videos that communicate complex marketing messages quickly and at an affordable price. Our story format creates engagement. Most marketing videos don’t tell a story because it’s difficult to do – visual storytelling is an art and a science.

By focusing on pre-production, we are able to tweak the story, and then the script, to the point where the production process (which is labor-intensive and therefore costly) is accomplished as efficiently as possible.

Depending on your situation, you may not need our entire suite of services (from research and ideation all the way through to publication and promotion). We offer flexibility in that you can purchase any of our services (listed in the process below), any subset of our services, or the entire suite.

On our Pre-Production, ‘Production’, ‘Post-Production’ and ‘Promotion‘ web pages we outline each service in greater detail. Here’s the list in chronological order:

  1. Voice of your Customer (VoC) Research
  2. Marketing Messaging Strategy
  3. Visual Story/Ideation
  4. Story Development
  5. Script (scene by scene sight and sound) Development
  6. Storyboard Development
  7. Art Direction
  8. Illustration
  9. Animation / Camera Shoot
  10. Motion Graphics / Kinetic Typography
  11. Voice Recording
  12. Editing
  13. Music Selection
  14. Sound Effects Selection
  15. Audio Synchronization (voices, music and sound effects)
  16. Formatting/Aspect Ratios/Resolution (for screens of various sizes and shapes)
  17. Platform and Player Selection
  18. Posting and Publication
  19. Promotion – email campaigns, social media, PR
  20. Analytics