Open Doors with Emotion – Even B2B Doors

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Emotions Grab Attention and Cement Memories

Events that trigger emotions cause us to pay attention and to remember. Think back to 9/11. I’ll bet you know exactly where you were, who you were with, and what you were doing when you heard the news. I’m sure you also vividly remember milestones in your personal life – the birth of a child, a life-threatening illness or injury, a personal triumph, or the loss of a loved one.

Putting ‘emotion’ into B2B messaging isn’t the easiest thing to do… our natural instinct is to use logic. Logic always plays a significant role in B2B decision making, but logic doesn’t grab your prospects’ attention.

B2B prospects are people too

Business prospects are humans first, and then they add the role of engineer or executive or entrepreneur. Appeal to the emotions of your B2B prospect by using words (whether written or spoken) that are personal and conversational. Tap into their concerns, needs, desires and fears. Start by conveying an understanding of your prospect’s situation – and in particular the problem that your solution addresses. Show them you understand what it means to them from a personal perspective (e.g. peace of mind, more time with the family, improved job performance, etc.).

Business prospects don’t always make a purchase decision based solely on their company’s needs. They may also choose for their own personal benefit. A prospect might specify a product because she believes it will personally make her life easier or her employment more secure. For many years a maxim in IT was, “Nobody ever got fired for choosing IBM.” Even if another brand had superior features or better price/performance, IBM was the safer choice.

Use emotion-packed words

Use emotion-packed words like ‘chaotic’, ‘frustrating’, ‘unmanageable’. In my own business I might say, “Marketers are exhausted by the ongoing struggle to get their messages through to their target prospects. The competition for attention is relentless. The noise in the marketplace is deafening. The choices are overwhelming: a vast spectrum of media, platforms, providers, price points, tools and technologies… I can relieve your stress by constructing sales messages that will cut through the clutter. Your prospects will consume your messages because they want to.”

Emotion opens doors!walk-thru-door

Next in my series of characteristics that grab attention and engage your prospects: Firsts and Lasts!


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Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently delivering content marketing via B2B visual storytelling and multimedia.

  1. Bob Leonard

    Thanks, Jeff. You’re right… nobody has the time or the patience for the self-promoters. I think a big part of the decision process is – “Do I like this guy? Is he going to be fun to work with?”

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