Healthcare Pricing Transparency is Here!

Sometimes everything falls together – the product/service is right, the client is right, and the timing is right. We just had one of those experiences.

We produced a video and a whitepaper for a client who develops revenue management software for hospitals. People involved in the healthcare industry have known for years that healthcare pricing is unrelated to the cost of providing it, and one patient might pay 500% or more for the same procedure as another patient.Rev360_Wheel_Video_Play_PR

A while ago, Revenue360 and its parent company Provider Advantage Inc., decided to do something about this issue. The problem they addressed is that hospitals can’t give patients an accurate estimate of their out-of-pocket expenses at the time of service. The hospitals must wait until well after the patient goes home to try to collect what’s owed. Revenue360 figured out how to accurately predict patients’ out-of-pocket expenses (it’s a gnarly complex process that the Revenue360 software accomplishes in seconds). Their client hospitals can now ask for payment up front, and they can offer a discount to patients willing to pay up front. The result is gigantic increases in point-of-service payments, significant decreases in collection costs, and (at the same time) more satisfied customers. Great!

That’s only half the story, though. It’s no longer just industry insiders who are aware of the issues with healthcare pricing. Researchers have published studies concerning the runaway costs of healthcare in the US. The debate over Obamacare further highlighted the problems within the industry and, about three weeks ago, Time magazine published a cover story titled “The Bitter Pill”. The magazines sold out at news stands across the country. The story has gone viral on the Internet. The average American now knows about the dirty, big secret of healthcare pricing.

We published a press release yesterday that target prospects are reading and sharing on social media. Revenue360 is experiencing firsthand the effectiveness of a well researched and developed marketing strategy executed via congruent campaigns containing tight and consistent messaging. The ROI of synergy between their content marketing efforts is why they hired acSellerant to produce the video, write the whitepaper and publish the press release. We can’t manufacture a zeitgeist, but we can create synergy across persuasive messaging that prospects consume, remember and share. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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About the Author:

Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently focused on positioning, sales messaging, content marketing and visual storytelling.

  1. Successfully executing a marketing campaign requires flexibility in planning, and a dynamic approach that allows the messaging to evolve. Effective communication with the target audience requires persuasive content, leveraged across multiple media formats, combined with a relevant hook that generates urgency.

    acSellerant made it possible for Provider Advantage to deliver web-based multimedia content to our target audience in a timely and relevant fashion, with an effective call to action, generating qualified (and cost-effective) leads. Nicely done!

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