How to Get Your C-Suite Targeted Videos Seen by Your C-Suite Targets

In the last blog post I covered why video is the best vehicle for C-suite consumption of your marketing message – what the content should be and how to produce a video they’ll watch. You still have to get the video in front of them, though.CEO watching business video

Video SEO

There are tons of statistics concerning the increased effectiveness of video over text to earn high search engine rankings. Typical SEO practices won’t work in this case, though. Due to their small numbers, the search habits of C-suite members aren’t statistically significant. And they won’t be searching for your solution. You can forget tagging your videos with the same key phrases you use for your text-based SEO.

So what can you do? In my last post I listed my step-by-step process for developing messaging and a visual story that the C-suite will consume because it (at best) will tell them something they don’t already know, and (at worst) will address a concern of theirs and earn mind share for your organization… because you ‘get it’.

So, don’t bother with the typical keyword research process. Review the information communicated in your C-suite targeted video, and cull a handful of key phrases from it. What are the search terms your target CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CMOs, CTOs etc. would use to learn more about the issue that they’re facing? Tag your video with those key phrases.

Paid Advertising

Where are your C-suite members spending time online? Which professional journals or research consultant sites do they frequent? Buy online ad space and include a link to your video. Make sure to include a description of the information (it’s all about THEM, not about you), and the assurance that the video will take no more than three minutes of their time.


Do what you need to do to find out their email addresses and send them an email (or three) with a link to your video. Spend time brainstorming a Subject line that will get noticed. Again, tease them with the video content that’s relevant and valuable to them, and let them know the video can be viewed in under three minutes.

3D Direct Mail

Go old school and send them a DVD of your video via UPS or FedEx. Get creative with the packaging and they’re more likely to open it. A regular envelope has length and width, but very little depth. 3D Mail has length, width and depth. It can be an envelope with something in it that makes it lumpy, or a bank bag, or whatever. The idea is to pique curiosity… and all the better if it’s related somehow to your subject matter.

Executive Summary

The value of getting a CxO’s attention, and entrance into an account early in their buy cycle, is worth the extra effort and expense to do ALL the above tactics. Do them all and one of them is likely to get your video watched by your target prospect.

We touched on Video SEO above. It’s a topic worth discussing in detail. The next few blog posts will do just that.


About the Author:

Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently focused on positioning, sales messaging, content marketing and visual storytelling.

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