Conquer the Noise for Clear Reception

As content marketing has exploded, the tools to self-publish have become universally available online. Somewhere between two and a half and three million blog posts are published daily. An average 58 million tweets are posted each day. And, as of Thursday July 17 2014, there were 1.75 billion web pages on the net.

The result is deafening.Cacophony

How do you deliver your signal through all that noise?

Niche Targeting

Know exactly who your ideal audience is and deliver content that is high quality and specifically targeted / interesting to them.


Develop messaging that:

  1. Is all about your target, not about you.
  2. Helps them see around the corner to what’s headed their way.
  3. Highlights the contrast between their status quo and the potential future they could enjoy.


All humans are hard-wired to pay attention to stories. As a matter of survival, from our earliest cave man days we evolved to listen to stories, to remember them and to share them.

Imagine if you were given a list of 10 items to remember. Do you think you could memorize them all in 20 seconds? Most people will remember between four and six.

Now let me tell you a quick story:

A woman is walking down the street. She’s wearing a big white hat with a purple feather. She enters a supermarket and grabs a shopping cart with a wheel that squeaks. She passes a stock boy up on a ladder. She turns into the soup aisle and selects a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Then she walks to the check out where she dumps pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters from her purse onto the counter.

It took you about 20 seconds to read that short story. I’ll bet you remember all eleven items mentioned: white hat, purple feather, shopping cart, squeaky wheel, stock boy, ladder, can of tomato soup, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Why? Because each action leads to the next. Your mind’s eye recalls the items as they appeared.

Show Your Story Visually

A new visual language that is both informative and entertaining is emerging at the nexus of information graphics and multimedia production. We can access ever more information at any time and from any place. The fundamental challenge now is to develop the most relatable stories, and communicate them in a targeted fashion through sights and sounds.

If developed correctly, visual storytelling delivers much more information per second than text alone. People are busy. Keep it brief.

Do all the above and you’ll cut through the clutter and grab that most valuable of commodities: your prospects’ attentionundivided-attention


About the Author:

Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently delivering content marketing via B2B visual storytelling and multimedia.

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