Business Story Videos Are Viewed, Remembered and Shared

We work with clients to uncover stories about their businesses. We then translate their stories into the sights and sounds that comprise a watchable video – one that is effective as a sales tool.


Clients who aren’t experienced in the use of video often want to say as much as they possibly can about their business. They don’t realize how quickly a viewer will click away when being bombarded with unwanted information. Storytelling solves this problem. It not only delivers messages in a more interesting way, it can do so much more concisely than text.

Story format marketing videos are becoming increasingly common for one simple reason; they work. Videos that tell an engaging story are more likely to be viewed, remembered and shared.


About the Author:

Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently focused on positioning, sales messaging, content marketing and visual storytelling.

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