Bridging the Gap for Effective B2B Videos

B2B sales and marketing people understand that videos can be powerful sales tools. Many still aren’t producing them, though. Why not? Typically, it’s one of these three reasons:

1.  They find the process daunting (they’ve never done it before).
2.  They think video is too expensive.
3.  They hired a low cost video producer, and had a terrible experience.

Producing effective videos isn’t easy, but it isn’t rocket science either. I’m going to share the secret to cost effective video production.

dropped_handoffMost problems with B2B video production are created at the handoff from the corporate marketing people to the creative video people. These two groups typically talk different languages, and the creatives rarely have an understanding of the B2B world.

The marketers know who their target prospects are and the value proposition of their product or service. They download this information to the creatives who have no frame of reference, no context, and no grasp of how to turn that information into a story that will hold interest and gently persuade.

What’s Missing?

1.  A story that lends itself to being told via sight and sound.
2.  A shooting script specifying those sights and sounds scene by scene.
3.  A storyboard that details the appropriate look, style, color palette, etc.

If you want to do video, but you’re hesitating to take the plunge, we can supply the missing processes – Story, Script and Storyboard. We’ll ensure that your marketing strategy is effectively understood by your videographer or animator; and we’ll work with them to translate your value proposition into the sights and sounds of an effective marketing video.

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About the Author:

Managing Consultant at acSellerant. Seasoned business marketer currently focused on positioning, sales messaging, content marketing and visual storytelling.